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Mar 19, 2016 | | Capistrano Beach , CA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

My life was an absolute train wreck. I didn't even realize how miserable and unhappy I was when I was using. I had been to countless detox centers, IOP'S and sober living houses back home and not one even comes close in comparison to what Shoreline has given me. While detox is always difficult they made me comfortable, I had everything I needed. On a day to day basis I got to do things like art therapy, yoga and harp therapy. We went to the beach, went out and got food from local restaurants, it was amazing. The staff here is so compassionate and caring. I had never met anyone like them, they did so much for me. I can't even convey with words how thankful I am for Shoreline and their staff. They helped me find myself and helped me to start a new life. Thank you guys, I love you!

Jul 18, 2016 | | Laguna Niguel , CA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Having been to a lot of different programs this one had a genuine feel to it when it came to the needs and care of their clients. The staff was tremendous. All of them in some way helped towards my growth and self searching. The groups they had with a holistic approach toward spirituality was exactly what I needed to get back in touch with my higher self. I could never thank my treatment team enough.

Nov 21, 2016 | | San clemente , CA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

In 1996 I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and once I found alcohol I used it to, what I now know is called, “Self Medicate”. I had severe social anxiety and anxiety in general, I couldn’t leave my house without having a few shots or beers in me. I gave up on an incredible job because I couldn’t leave my house and I couldn’t last the entire day without drinking, my life was unmanageable.. My employees and family did not trust me, couldn’t rely on me, and all had told me how worried they were. So I made the decision and went to Shoreline. While at Shoreline I was taken out of my comfort-zone and all the staff took their time with me and helped me learn to function through my anxiety without self-medicating. My anxiety was through the roof and my Therapist, Case Manager, and all the other staff helped me every step of the way. I’ve never received so much love, understanding, and compassion from people that I had just met. I now have 5 months sober and have utilized every single tool that they have given me in order to get here. I still have anxiety but I’ve learned how to reach out to others when I need help, calm myself down, and do something positive to change my thought process. My family trusts me, my employees can depend on me, I work harder than I ever thought I could, and I’m continuing to go to meetings and regular therapy. Thank you, Shoreline.

Dec 2, 2016 | | Baltimore , MA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

“I’m just writing you because I felt compelled to thank you for your team. I want to tell you about your staff and the love I felt from day one here at Shoreline. Also, I would like to thank you for the opportunity of allowing me to get back on track - physically, mentally and also spiritually. When I first came to Shoreline, I was in total defeat and didn’t really know if I wanted to live or die. I was in total confusion. Your staff allowed me to be where I was mentally, and showed me nothing but love. When I needed socks, t-shirts and a haircut or whatever it was taken care of. Your staff was always there to listen to my problems and feelings. That was really important to me. With your staff, we laughed and I cried, but the most important thing was the healing that took place. I was shown a new way of life. Some of my “first’s” came true while I was here at Shoreline. I have never finished a program, I had never been to a zoo, I have never been indoor sky-diving, ziplining, and been able to enjoy nature. Mostly, I can remember experiences! I am so thankful for your staff and all of the love they showed me. Jed, Karen, Ms. Dorothy, Justine, Allison, Morgan, Alicia, Hannah, Tim, Dana, Regina. The group leaders Josh (mindfulness), Christian, Caroline (Sound Therapy) and Tamzen (Yoga). Thank you for helping me discover my true self and allow me to be happy with me! P.S. I also feel that I have received all the tools necessary to be successful in my recovery. With Love Always”

Jul 11, 2016 | | Brooklyn , NY
Client's rating: 4 of 5

This was the 5th treatment center I had been to and the only one where I felt like the staff actually cared. They welcomed me with open arms and they could pick up right away if I was having a bad day. I felt like a human being which is a huge part of why I am sober today.

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