Dec 2, 2016 | | Baltimore, MA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

“I’m just writing you because I felt compelled to thank you for your team. I want to tell you about your staff and the love I felt from day one here at Shoreline. Also, I would like to thank you for the opportunity of allowing me to get back on track - physically, mentally and also spiritually. When I first came to Shoreline, I was in total defeat and didn’t really know if I wanted to live or die. I was in total confusion. Your staff allowed me to be where I was mentally, and showed me nothing but love. When I needed socks, t-shirts and a haircut or whatever it was taken care of. Your staff was always there to listen to my problems and feelings. That was really important to me. With your staff, we laughed and I cried, but the most important thing was the healing that took place. I was shown a new way of life. Some of my “first’s” came true while I was here at Shoreline. I have never finished a program, I had never been to a zoo, I have never been indoor sky-diving, ziplining, and been able to enjoy nature. Mostly, I can remember experiences! I am so thankful for your staff and all of the love they showed me. Jed, Karen, Ms. Dorothy, Justine, Allison, Morgan, Alicia, Hannah, Tim, Dana, Regina. The group leaders Josh (mindfulness), Christian, Caroline (Sound Therapy) and Tamzen (Yoga). Thank you for helping me discover my true self and allow me to be happy with me! P.S. I also feel that I have received all the tools necessary to be successful in my recovery. With Love Always”

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