Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Treatment and Recovery in Southern California

Whether you have decided you are ready for alcohol rehabilitation or you are not sure if you need to, you have come to the right place. At Shoreline Treatment, we can help you determine if a diagnosis of alcoholism is appropriate. If you experience serious issues as a result of being drunk or needing to drink, treatment may be right for you.

In our Southern California treatment center we offer an assortment of services, including: Alcohol Addiction Treatment San Clemente

  • Medically-supervised detox
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Recreational activities

Alcohol abuse can lead to severe addiction and is also one of the most difficult issues to come to terms with. Prior to starting the residential portion of our treatment program, the client is assessed by our medical doctor who is an addiction medical specialist. Alcohol detox can be very severe, and it is important that patients are given superior care. We provide monitoring, proper medications, and multiple assessments throughout the detox protocol to ensure a safe and comfortable transition.

Once the individual is ready to move into the residential portion of our treatment program, the deeper work begins. With our program only holding six clients at a time, it provides a more intimate atmosphere for each person to work through the issues at hand in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. Working closely with their assigned clinical team, each client will build a treatment plan suitable to their needs. They will come to terms with their alcoholism, release the hold it has on them, and be on the road to recovery so they can live a prosperous and pure life.

We are determined to show you that it is possible to recover and find happiness after alcohol treatment. Our goal is to help you detox before beginning a treatment program which is intended to help you build the necessary skills to lead a successful life. For a confidential consultation, please call us now at (949) 302-8188.

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