Dual Diagnosis

Customized Inpatient Recovery in San Clemente

Most people struggling with addiction are battling a mental health issue at the same time. We treat both the addiction and the underlying mental health issue.

It is very important to understand that these symptoms cannot be addressed nor diagnosed until the individual has been fully cleared from the substance. While using addictive substances, it is hard to tell what is causing the mental issues. After the medical detox is complete, each client works one-on-one with a psychiatrist to assess what can be done to help with the co-occurring mental disorder. Working with the individual, the psychiatrist incorporates healthy coping skills to manage anxiety, stress, depression, etc. If medications are needed, we monitor and educate the patient on ones that are non-narcotic and have great success with those who are also struggling with addiction. A huge part of the dual diagnosis program is learning how to treat every part of the individual. While their mind and soul are being treated, we incorporate exercise and nutrition into the plan to keep them energized and physically healthy. Yoga and mindfulness are also integrated into their weekly routine so they learn how to be calm and present in the moment.

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